Sext Pics

These are some of the sext pics we’ve received. It takes awhile for us to go through all the photos since they come in at such crazy rates. If you’ve sent us your photo and it hasn’t been published just give us a few weeks to get everything in order and go down the line of photos. We’ll get to yours. I think we can all agree that sexting is a tantalizing experience. That the first time flirting and unveiling what’s under the clothes is just as exciting and euphoric as actually having sex. It may even be addicting! There’s just something about it that we can’t let go of… and that’s okay. Hang on to it, hang on tight because sexting is fun!

Here are some of the photos we’ve gathered that have been sent to us. We have permission from these people personally to be published on this page. These are some seriously hot sexts and we’ve placed them right here just for your enjoyment (and ours).

There’s something so sexy about finding REAL photos that have been sent between two people who got off together. Leaked photos of celebrities come in at a close second but there is seriously something so amazing that turns us all on so much about seeing someone else’s nudes that were never intended for us. We’ll use them to get off anyway though. Sit back, relax and maybe take your clothes off, this ride is about to get really fun!

X Rated SnapchatsThese are snapchats gone right! Is it just us or are booty pictures the best? We’ve credited these beautiful girls with their name, age and city.